Nicholas Wing,

Video and Links

To hear more of Nicholas' music, please visit the following links: 

// - Wing's YouTube channel  - "Circles of Honor"  - "Music for the Greater Good"
  "The Precipitation of War; Shoah"
// - "The Helmsman Overture" for string quartet

"Appalachian Clog" from Cello Suite No. 1 by Nicholas Wing, composer
Performed by Michael Samis, cellist
Copyright 2013 Nicholas Wing.  All Rights Reserved.

String Arrangements: - "Today" - by Sgt. LeeAndrew Bray, #1 GIJams in 2011; string arrangement by Nicholas Wing

// - "Fighters" - by LaLa Deaton, Winner of the 2012 Wake Up Narcolepsy Annual Songwriting Contest, string arrangement by Nicholas Wing